Your mileage may vary….

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Chevrolet, Fuel Economy, Hybrids, Electrics and other "Green" Technology
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Here’s the official EPA sticker for the 2011 Chevrolet Volt.  If all it got was 37 mpg, there would be no reason to even consider it. However, the first-adopters will likely do everything they can to minimize the times the gasoline engine kicks in to drive the generator, and in turn, the electric motor.

The EPA window sticker for the 2011 Chevrolet Volt

  1. Tom says:

    If I had a place to plug it in I’d almost never use gas. But I don’t have one.

    When I tested the Nissan Leaf at the AltCar Expo I did see the people who’re going to be the market for these cars: late-middle aged Westsiders who own homes (hence have a place to plug it in at night) and have short commutes running around town. Now if only Cadillac would build the Converj then people in Bel Air could buy one and avoid the stigma of driving a Chevy.

    • Tom, it’s my understanding that market research shows that early adopters of BEVs and hybrids like the Volt and Plug-in Prius, are multi-car families, usually with a house and a place for a charging station. People who live in multi-family residential condo and apartment units are mostly excluded, at least for the time being, until there is an electric infrastructure.

      I know of at least one instance where a condo association is amending its CC&Rs to make it clear that an owner of a plug-in car can’t plug into common area electrical outlets. I think this will become a common addition/change to association rules in the near future.

      Eventually, there are supposed to be lots of public and private charging stations and new construction of condos (and some apartment buildings) will include charging stations in the parking garages. A charging station could even be an “option” on a new condo unit. Unfortunately, that will be sometime in the future. By that time, we may all be filling up with hydrogen to run our fuel cell electric vehicles.

    • P.S. I agree with you 100% about the fantastic Cadillac Converj from a couple years ago. If GM popped that one out of the oven, I’d be MUCH more interested. The styling of the production version of the Chevy Volt is a great disappointment from the super-cool concept car.

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