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Yesterday, Chevrolet uploaded to YouTube its 2012 Super Bowl XLVI (46) commercial, hoping it will go viral and create some cyberspace buzz ahead of the “Big Game.”  The video is part of Chevy’s overarching “Chevy Runs Deep” theme that infuses all its advertising reminding customers that the brand is deeply embedded in the culture and psyche of Americans – and it should stay that way.

Once the full one minute spot is shown, Chevy hopes for the world famous Super Bowl “echo” or “ripple” effect that makes the $7 million ($3.5 million for 30 seconds) investment pay off.  (The cost of producing a Super Bowl commercial can easily run into the millions, in itself.)

The name of this video is “Chevy Happy Grad” and it’s funny and memorable.

However, it’s not nearly as memorable or heart-warming or tear-inducing as this 2011 long-form commercial for Chevrolet, “My Dad’s Car.”   I recommend getting a tissue ready before viewing.  This is about as good as it gets for brand (rather than product-specific) advertising.

Now it’s time for GM to bring back a proper rear-drive Impala (not the bloated front-drive version currently sold to rental fleets) and give it the proper SS treatment like it’s done with the Camaro.


2012 BMW 1M Coupe. They couldn't use M1 because that was already used by a past BMW supercar.

My friend Bronson Page sent me a link to the video below.  It’s another one in the series of commercials (viral ads) BMW has produced to introduce its 2012 BMW 1M (a 1-Series Coupé with the Motorsport division treatment).  By all test accounts in the foreign press, it’s one of the best M-Cars in years.