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2012 BMW 1M Coupe. They couldn't use M1 because that was already used by a past BMW supercar.

My friend Bronson Page sent me a link to the video below.  It’s another one in the series of commercials (viral ads) BMW has produced to introduce its 2012 BMW 1M (a 1-Series Coupé with the Motorsport division treatment).  By all test accounts in the foreign press, it’s one of the best M-Cars in years.


The US Bank Tower in Downtown LA

This short video shows the new BMW 1M Coupe “drifting” around the helipad at the First Interstate/Library/US Bank Tower in Downtown Los Angeles.

It’s a beautiful day and you can see forever and since the BMW 1M isn’t even in showrooms  yet, it had to be shot recently.

Completed in 1989, the (now) US Bank Tower at 633 W 5th St is 1018 feet tall, 73 stories and is the tallest building in California. The building is real. The helipad is real. But is the action is as it appears to be?