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In 2003, my friend Ron Slusser and I started We wanted to voice our opinions and reflect on the car culture in Los Angeles and the key role LA plays in the global automotive market.

Both Ron and I were natives of the Los Angeles area. I grew up in Tarzana, in the San Fernando Valley. I escaped when I was 18 to UC Santa Barbara where I earned a degree in economics.

Ron was a software engineer who worked for the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena.

Ron was killed in 2007 in a tragic car accident. He was an innocent party in a road rage incident on the surface streets of Pasadena.

In the past, I had a weekly radio show on Sirius Out-Q with host John McMullen. When John left Sirius, so did my show, but I hope to return to the airwaves one day.

I continued the website and moved it from its own domain to WordPress in July 2010. My columns can also be read on, the local electronic newspaper of my hometown.

  1. Todd Bianco says:

    Mario, this website is for car fans/followers, not really personal conversations. If you’d like to comment on an article or other comments, please feel free to do so.

  2. Alex Klein says:

    Hi Todd,

    I noticed on your webpage that you spelled “Kelly Blue Book” wrong for the car resource link. The correct spelling is “Kelley Blue Book” 🙂

    In addition, I noticed you don’t have listed. Its pricing resource – – has totally changed the game for evaluating used car prices. Since you’re listing free resources, it’s a must add!

    Just wanted to pass along this feedback to keep the page in top shape. Love the blog!

    Take care,


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