Louis Vuitton Oldsmobile – How Hideous Can It Be?

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Los Angeles Specific Issues
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Horrendous. I spotted this late 1980s Oldsmobile 98 behind Greenblatt’s Deli on Sunset in Hollywood.

This generation Oldsmobile 98 was built between 1985-1990 – NOT good years for GM style, fit and finish or quality.

While Mr. Vuitton is long dead, his brand lives on (more than 150 years and going strong).  Louis Vuitton has been very aggressive in pursuing counterfeit or knock off products (luggage, hand bags, wallets, etc.) bearing the iconic “LV” monogram and signature brown and gold pallet.

I doubt Louis Vuitton is going to send a cease and desist letter to the owner of this car.

The luxury goods/fashion house lawyers probably won’t be chasing the owner of this “branded” vehicle for royalties.  Just from the looks of things, the owner probably isn’t rich. In LA, painting your car like this is a plea to “look at me” and “hire me.” Hey, it’s Hollywood, right?

The car was piled full of construction tools. I shudder to think what was inside the trunk.  The owner was there working, so maybe the flashy ride works for his handyman business. Who knew?

When you don’t have a pick up truck, you improvise. A folding ladder fitting in the front passenger seat is a good example of a compromise between practicality and utility.

This Louis Vuitton Olds reminds me of cars customized by wanna be actor/writer/director/producer Dennis Woodruff who drives around LA with cars like this:

Dennis is usually more “creative” with his cars. His message of desperation comes across loud and clear.

I have to hand it to these “art car” creators as they do get noticed. Good or bad? You tell me.

  1. Ok, I got your point. That brown and gold car is hideous indeed. The owner could tried customizing it but ended up on humiliating his self. I could even say that custom car is not art anymore, besides it’s his car anyway. Thanks for sharing your post! I appreciate it.

  2. Sam Leverett says:

    It’s not a 98, it’s a Ciera or Cutlass Ciera depending on it’s exact model year. Can’t recall when it the Cutlass part was dropped, but when they were introduced in ’82, they were Cutlass Cieras.

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