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As part of its uncoordinated Quixotic mission to attract younger buyers, Buick is one of several companies using Google Goggles, Google’s amazing visual search engine, to connect with potential customers.

Currently, the Google Goggles app is only available on Android-based smartphones.  That makes sense since Google gives away its Android operating system free to mobile phone and tablet PC manufacturers.  To the consternation of many, it’s not yet available on Apple’s iPhone. I guess it’s up to Apple to approve the app, but right now, it’s an exclusive selling feature for Android smartphones.   The strained relationship between Apple and Google doesn’t help.

You open Google Goggles, point it at something you are looking at like a poster, print ad or even a building, snap a picture and then the app, using Google’s proprietary image recognition technology, searches for information on the subject.   It’s pretty amazing. Check out Google’s demonstration video:

Here’s a video that highlights how a few pioneering advertisers, T-Mobile, Buick, Disney, Delta Airlines and Diageo, are experimenting with an “immersive digital experience” when users of Goggles point their lenses at a print advertisement.

I think the concept is innovative and has exciting potential.  I’m not so sure that it will sell more Buicks, but it does connect a potential customer directly with Buick’s online interactive content. I expect many other car manufacturers to  jump on this bandwagon.


The Best Car iPhone App So Far

Posted: August 11, 2010 in smart
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This Smart Drive app from Smart is super-cool. It shows how creative a car manufacturer can be with aftermarket software and a smart phone (not to be confused with the smart car itself).