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Thanks to our friends at Jalopnik for finding this painful video of a red Ferrari California that got run over by a Shalimar tour bus in the heart of Beverly Hills’ Golden Triangle business/shopping district. It was a lovely, sunny Southern California day for most of us, but I think it was a dark day for the owner/driver of the Ferrari.

2010 Ferrari California

This stretch of Wilshire Blvd is where N. Camden Dr. and Dayton Way intersect and dead end. These two one-way streets intersect like the tip of a triangle into Wilshire.   It’s difficult for a bus to turn on any of these three street because it’s not a normal right-angle intersection.  The Ferrari is so low to the ground that the bus driver may not have ever seen it in his blind spot mirrors or heard the screaming, honking driver.

The bus sustained minimal damage while the Ferrari California (base price $192,000) is nearly totaled.

The New Ferrari FF

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Ferrari
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This is the first official picture of the new Ferrari FF (Ferrari Four -as in four seats and four-wheel drive) — the replacement for the 612 Scaglietti. Check out the extremely long doors to assist with rear passengers, although I can’t imagine it’s a comfortable space unless you’re a child or an small anorexic adult.  I assume the doors will be fabricated using a light alloy or composite material with some heavy-duty hinges or gas shocks.

The “shooting brake” style is not only sharp, but it will have the most cargo capacity of any recent Ferrari with a rear hatch and fold-down rear seats.  [Yeah, yeah, I get it, if you own a Ferrari, you don’t give a rat’s ass about cargo capacity or rear passengers. And you’ve got a garage full of other more plebian vehicles for routine driving needs and you probably have servants to go grocery shopping for you.]

The FF gets a 651 hp V12 engine and Ferrari’s F-1-style auto-manual transmission.  It will hit 62 mph (100 kph) in 3.7 seconds with a top speed of a leisurely 208 mph. Don’t expect great fuel economy either, but it will have lower CO2 emissions.  No price has been announced; however if you have to ask, the outgoing Scaglietti starts around $313,000.

No word yet on the number of cows sacrificed for the interior.

The Ferrari FF - Ferrari Four

Why Ferrari even bothered to make a marketing video is beyond me, because almost every Ferrari that comes to our shores is pre-sold or flies off the showroom floor (at a hefty premium) to someone who just got a record contract, or was overpaid for producing a flop or “earned” a bonus at Goldman Sachs.  They probably just do it to get car geeks like me to drool over something we can’t afford.

Most Ferraris are pre-sold to collectors and aficionados (Jay Leno again?), which is a good thing as these rare sports cars (endangered species these days) are really works of art that need to be pampered, spoiled and curated, with occasional full-throttle laps on a track or on a deserted road (note: that doesn’t mean Sunset Blvd).  I’ve always liked “sports wagons,” so sign me up for this one, please.