A Bad California Day in Beverly Hills

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Ferrari
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Thanks to our friends at Jalopnik for finding this painful video of a red Ferrari California that got run over by a Shalimar tour bus in the heart of Beverly Hills’ Golden Triangle business/shopping district. It was a lovely, sunny Southern California day for most of us, but I think it was a dark day for the owner/driver of the Ferrari.

2010 Ferrari California

This stretch of Wilshire Blvd is where N. Camden Dr. and Dayton Way intersect and dead end. These two one-way streets intersect like the tip of a triangle into Wilshire.   It’s difficult for a bus to turn on any of these three street because it’s not a normal right-angle intersection.  The Ferrari is so low to the ground that the bus driver may not have ever seen it in his blind spot mirrors or heard the screaming, honking driver.

The bus sustained minimal damage while the Ferrari California (base price $192,000) is nearly totaled.

  1. Tom says:

    It looks like the Ferrari tried to get around the tour bus on the right. when it was pulling into the tour bus loading area on Camden. The bus would have turned from Wilshire going West since Dayton is one way East and far to acute an angle for anything larger than a bike to make, while Camden is one way North and an easy 140 degree angle. If the bus was coming East on Wilshire it would have made the soft left onto Dayton to the Tour Bus zone in front of Louis Vuitton, and would have had a green arrow to do so from the single left turn lane on Wilshire. I think the Ferrari driver is screwed on this one…

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