Ford’s Modern Miracle of Mass Production: The B24

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Ford
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In the months before Pear Harbor, the Ford Motor Company opened the Willow Run Airplane Plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  Ford built the Army Air Force’s Liberator Heavy Bomber, nicknamed the “Lib.”

The Willow Run plant was capable of making one of these gigantic bombers, made of 1,255,000 parts,  every 55 minutes.  Hitler probably didn’t see this kind of war effort coming.  It really was a Ford-made miracle.

Over the course of production, 8,685 bombers were made.  Watch this fantastic vintage short film to learn more about what the USA was capable of doing when the future of the free world was at stake.

Ford Willow Run Plant and B24 production video. Click to watch. It’s a wmv file, so you can either save it and then click to watch or just open it directly with Windows Media Player or similar program like Quicktime.


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